Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Totorial Hacking Ghost Online

I've shared Ghost Online Trainer v3.5 before and now I want to share tutorial hacking Ghost Online. The tutorial will show you how to get Infinitie Shuriken, Unlimited MP and Skill Run. That's cool huh? :D
Before you read the tutors, you should to have Cheat Engine 5.5 first! So, you must download Cheat Engine 5.5 before pratice the tutors

Tutorial to get Infinitie Shuriken :
1.Open Cheat Engine (CE) 5.5
2.Scan the amount of your shuriken
3.Try to throw 1 shuriken and look the moving address
4.Move it to the address list then change the value to 1000 freze
5.Look and try to use one of your Gauntlet's skill in Ghost Online

Tutorial to get Unlimited MP, and Skill Run :
1.Open Cheat Engine 5.5
2.Log in to Ghost Online
3.Scan the amount of your MP
4.Use skill then scan the amount of your address
5.If you get 1 address, insert it to the address list
6.Right-click to the address and choose what write for this address
7.Then, a box as on the picture above will be shown up. Back to the game (Ghost Online) the use skill. Ex: chi
8.The Data will be shown up
9.On the first data choose show dissasamber
10.A box as on the picture above will be shown up again, then you must move up until find jne address
Congratulation! Now you can cheating Unlimited MP & Skill

I hope this tutorial hacking Ghost Online can help you :D Good luck guys!


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