Jumat, 24 Juli 2009

cheat cash point blank

Do you looking cheat cash point blank ? I read cheat point blank at forum with download revolution engine 7.2 and hidetools. How to use cheat point blank :
First, hide revolution engine, then search your cash. If you get address and change value, anything you like.

You can download revolution engine and hidetools at here

thx tamengwarr


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Senin, 20 Juli 2009

Hack Time Lagu Ayodance

Guna cheat ini adalah untuk mendapatkan exp sebanyak-banyaknya

Ajak temanmu main menggunakan hack time ini. Otomatis setelah lagu mulai beberapa detiknya sudah selesai. Lakukan hal tersebut berulang-ulang, maka kalian akan cepat mendapatkan exp. List lagu-lagu yang di hack:

Beatcity ( bpm 120)Download
Beautiful (bpm 122) Download
You know (bpm 90) Download
Chinese lady (bpm 118) Download
Sweetie (bpm 115) Download
Eruo 2005 ( bpm 138 ) Download

Setelah download Backup dulu ABMnya lalu replace pada folder ABM di folder Ayodance kalian. Selamat menikmati.


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Sabtu, 18 Juli 2009

Download Map Dota 6.61b

Sory kalo postingnya map-nya telat :( Kali ini aku mau sharing Map Dota 6.61b dan kamu bisa download gratis kek biasanya di sini :D Dota versi 6.61b ini merupakan update dari map sebelumnya yaitu Dota versi 6.61 Jadi, Dota 6.61b ini dibuat untuk memperbaiki (fix) beberapa bug yang sebelumnya ada di Dota 6.61

Untuk download Dota 6.61b ini kamu bisa klik link yang ada di bawah ini :


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Cheat Perfect HanEClub 0.1v Editz DaNz

Credit By DaNz

Edit By -oHanEo-



Sory yah All kalo ga work soalnya Lom di test heheee....

Sumber: -TIME-


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Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

Houston Garage Doors

what you are confused to select the garage door that is suitable for your home? what your garage door is old or damaged?
you can buy a garage door to match your home in houston garage doors, the company that gives you the garage door is durable and suitable for your home garage. this company can help you in choosing a garage door that is suitable and harmonious with your home, the garage door to match your home will make your home more beautiful and good. You need to speak with the Houston company's garage door to help you make the best choice for your home. you can also make the idea to form garage doors, stylish design and price that will be issued, everything will be received by the company and will soon dibuat.
excess of the company houston garage doors:
- Provide many options that fit a garage door
- Adjust the style of your home
- This company to help you choose the best garage door
- Receiving your ideas about form, style, and the money spent of the garage door
- The process and access a quick and easy
visit houston garage doors and garage door immediately get your dream.

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Debt Consolidation

What you now have a lot of debt, and you are having difficulties to pay for everything? Do you need a solution of the problem you want to finish with a good and easy?
Visit credit card repair to complete the debt problem. This web search for someone to consolidate their debts and increase the value of the credit. If you visit this web you can ask for a settlement of your debt problems and you will be satisfied for the solution that will be given. The solution is a solution provided the most effective and fastest you can do to settle your debt problems. If you receive a solution that is then given your financial situation will change dramatically and you will be more calm and not be by Biller debt that comes every day to collect on your debt.
Advantage of the request in solsi repair credit card:
- Access and process fast and easy
- Provide an effective solution
- Can increase the value of credit
- Provide solutions that satisfy
- The results you receive will be very good
So, if you have many debts that you can not pay and want to finish it, do not hesitate to visit this web and you will feel the results of the solution that you will receive. You and your family will feel very happy if there is no longer a debt trap and of course will respect you.

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Personal Cash Loans

what are you waiting for payday and have not paid? what you want to pay you can be taken earlier to your needs very urgent?
do not worry, you can pick it up first with borrowed cash, visit the web personal cash loans, this web payday provide early days of your payment and you can borrow money and use it as you wish. you can access your cash quickly and easily, so you are not making. web is also 100% online, and money you will quickly get you in your account overnight. many advantages you can receive in this web and will satisfy you as a consumer. so do not hesitate to visit again and you will feel easy in the days to receive payment quickly.
excess of the personal cash loans:
- Quick and easy access
- Secure and confidential
- 100% Online
- Flexible payment options
- Cash deposited directly
to your account overnight
so what you borrow half of the cash in this web, the web is to provide comfort and convenience in your day to receive payment quickly.
so visit the personal cash loans and you will receive the payday faster so you can meet your needs is urgent and you can finish your problem.

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Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Idol Street Auto Arrow

Idol Street?? Ada cheat auto arrow kayak ayodance itu ga?? ada pastinya!! Game IS hampir sama dengan ayodance makannya bisa. tetapi cheat IS beda dengan AD. Idol Street menggunakan CE ditambah dengan program pembantunnya. Kalian bisa lihat tutorialnya dulu

1. Download Extract
2. Bukan Idol Street hingga login screen
3. Buka CE dan target ke Launch.exe
4. Centeng Hex. Lalu cari Array of Bytes Valuenya '00 00 bc 41 00 00 a0 41 00 00 b0 41 0c 01 00'
5. Jika berhasil kalian akan mendapatkan 1 addres. Copy ke adress list.
5. Copy adress value yang tadi contoh = '1CF6A5CC'.
7. Jalankan Freestyler. Tekan Strat lalu masukkan adress tadi dan tekan ok. Jika Freestyler error kalian harus menginstall .Net Framework terlebih dahulu.
8. Login dan Playing sepuasnya^
9. Auto Arrow pada dance mode. Ingat Spasinya kalian sendiri yang tekan.

alat yang dibutuhkan bisa kalian download:


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Personal Payday Loan

What you paid late because something happened? what you need sufficient cash to the urgent needs of you or your family?
Does not need to worry, because you can borrow money and have a low rate, visit the web personal Payday loan. they give the amount of money according to your needs and desires. If you borrow money in there then you can meet all your needs are urgent and family, so you can feel calm because already fulfilling. If you want to have a new business owned by your own, you can borrow capital from there, and you can become a successful person san increasingly valued by others. Much you can do if you have cash, you can meet the needs, opening new business, or planting stock at a lembaga.
excess of personal Payday loan:
- Easy and quick access
- Have a low rate
- Provide cash based on the needs and desires
So, do not hesitate to borrow money or get cash there, because you will be able to solve the problem quickly and you can become a successful person in life and can be a valued by other people and your relatives.

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Car Insurance Rates

Do you have a car? what you want to have your car insurance?
to have car insurance you do not need to worry more on your car if something happens like an accident or your car stolen. Insurance will provide compensation to affected your car accident or stolen. Visit car insurance companies, insurance companies that deal with car insurance and has a website site for your comfort and convenience in the ordering and purchase insurance for the car. They give the best service to consumers with a fast and easy, to provide information about the insurance which is very useful for you, and they are a company that is very good and reliable car in insurance, and you need not hesitate to buy insurance on their companies. Flee their visit because you have to guard if something happens in your car, if you do not have car insurance and you have an accident or theft then you can not do anymore. But if you have any car insurance then you can breathe relieved as the cost of car repairs or replacement cost of the car can get you anytime. Not just car insurance that in them, but also handle home insurance, healt insurance, life insurance, and renter's insurance.
Visit and get the insurance you want.

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Senin, 13 Juli 2009

Mortgage Company

What you start life difficult for many financial problems on you? what you need with the amount of money to start a new business so that it can solve the problem in your life?
All that can be overcome, visit mortgage company. This company services can help you to earn money with your home mortgages. Your home mortgages not mean your house is sold, you still have your home but have the status of mortgages and to eliminate the status you just need to make the repayments with a low price.
Benefits that you get from your home mortgages:
- You will get a large capital
- Your home is still your property
- Repayments with low rate
With your home mortgages you can out of the business problems that you experience and start a new business that can will be sucsessful.
If your home mortgages will not pester you because companies only want to help you remove the problem of the natural and you do not want to pester you.
Only with your home mortgages you will get the money you need capital to start new business with ease.

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Personal Cash Loan

what you get problems with your finances? Do you want to get the cash loan so that you can eliminate your problem?
This is easy if you visit personal cash loan on the web. This website provides a cash loan to you in a very easy and fast, providing the amount of cash you want according to your needs and desires, have a low rate, and guarantee the security system for you.
So, the benefits you will receive from this web are:
- Fast and easy
- Provide the desired amount of cash
- Have a low rate
- Guarantee the security system on the web
There is no difficulty to get cash loans from the web, and your problem can be solved with the lightweight and fast. All that can be realized if you cover the financial problems with cash borrowed on the web.
Do you still hesitate to borrow some cash?
Why you should hesitate? there is no difficulty in borrowing money, low rate, provide the amount desired, and security systems. 
Visit personal cash loan to get all of that and be a successful person is out of financial problems and the more beloved family, parents, brothers, and your friend.

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Sabtu, 11 Juli 2009

Perfect Cash Advance

What you experience financial problems, you need money quickly? is something going on so you need money quickly and easily?
Until now you still looking for a loan or need money for business purposes.
It's easy to get it, visit Personal Payday Loans to get money.
On paydays loan you will get money to the amount you want. Do not worry for get money here, because you will get it quickly and easily, to meet your borrowing needs.
You can borrow money with a book at home or office.

The advantage of borrowing money in paydays loan:
- Fast and easy
- Meet your needs in business
- You can borrow cash with a large number
- Cash will be directly sent
- Secure
- Online

Do not need to wait and get confused again to get cash easily, and you will be able to develop your business smoothly without any obstacles have any more. And you will get success and become a better person.

Nothing is better if you and your family can go out of business problems in a way to get cash and the money that you can remove from the economic problems that occurred.

That realized when you visit the personal Payday Loans and get cash.

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Jumat, 10 Juli 2009

Insurance portal

If you need security or collateral for the car you have? Then you must have insurance as collateral, because insurance can replace or repair a car damaged or lost in your hand with the equivalent.
Visit online car insurance to have insurance, you can order for your car insurance quickly and easily, Rate is very low so that it can really help you.
You have insurance; you do not worry if something happens in your car.
Please do not hesitate to have insurance, because it is not hurt you, even you will be very profitable
Not only cars that are protected by insurance, but you, and passengers also will be protected from accidents.
If you or your passengers injured in the accident then the expenses will be borne by car insurance, you do not need to reflect costs more at the time if you have insurance.
The benefits of having insurance online car insurance:
- Quick and easy
- Rate is very low
- Can protect car and passenger
- Do not worry if need for remedial cost of accident injury
- Available absolute free
There is no loss of insurance have gained from so what are you waiting for just visit the direct car insurance

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Rabu, 08 Juli 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

X-men Origins: Wolverine menceritakan mengenai masa lalu dari Logan, bagaimana cara ia mendapatkan cakar adamantium di tangannya dan semuanya berlanjut dengan kemarahan sang Wolverine yang murka karena apa yang dilakukan pada dirinya. Game ini penuh dengan kekerasan berdarah-darah dan terkesan brutal.

Produser X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Raven dan Activision membuat game ini menjadi game yang penuh dengan pembantaian dimana kamu akan melihat banyak sekali bagian-bagian tubuh yang terpisah dari tubuh aslinya. Kamu bahkan akan melawan sebuah raksasa setinggi 250 kaki seorang diri. Memang game ini adalah tipe permainan yang mengandalkan button mashing dan untungnya tidak membosankan. Justru sangat menyenangkan. Alasannya? Cukup simple. Selain button mashing, kamu juga akan disuguhi dengan gambar yang dijamin akan membuat kamu terpana. Cara pembantaian Wolverine yang sadis dan cepat serta adanya fitur upgrade untuk meningkatkan kemampuan Wolverine (dengan menggunakan XP yang didapatkan setiap kali kamu membantai musuh) lebih jauh lagi akan membuat gamer merasa penasaran kemampuan seperti apa yang akan ditunjukan oleh Wolverine.

Grafik yang ditawarkan juga benar-benar mengundang decak kagum. Semuanya benar-benar terlihat asli. Ambil contoh saat Wolverine terkena tembakan dan serangan dari musuh. Bagian tubuh Wolverine yang terkena tembakan ataupun sejenisnya akan meninggalkan bekas tembakan dan baju yang dikenakan pun akan robek di sana sini, memperlihatkan otot dan tubuh Wolverine yang kekar itu. Apabila kamu terus terkena tembakan ataupun serangan, lama-lama bagian yang terluka itu akan memperlihatkan rangka adamantium yang ada dalam tubuh wolverine.

Penasaran dengan bagaimana Wolverine bisa menyembuhkan diri? Kamu tidak perlu khawatir. Bagi gamer yang tidak tahu kemampuan Wolverine (yang tentunya sangat kami ragukan), Wolverine bisa menyembuhkan dirinya sendiri. Kamu hanya cukup berdiam diri di satu tempat (tentunya tanpa diserang oleh musuh) dan luka Wolverine akan sembuh dengan sendirinya. Kamu bisa melihat darahnya pada health bar dan sebuah bar lain yang disebut sebagai Vitals meter. Vitals meter ini memperlihatkan kondisi jantung Logan (nama asli Wolverine).

Untuk sedikit tambahan, apabila kamu telah melakukan preorder di GameStop, nantinya kamu akan mendapatkan sebuah kode yang dapat digunakan untuk membuka ruangan-ruangan tertentu. Raven menyebut ruangan ini sebagai "Weapon X Arena." Fungsi ruangan ini hanyalah sebagai tempat untuk latihan "membantai". Cocok untuk dipakai sebagai tempat melampiaskan amarah dengan membantai dan memutilasi musuh sesukamu.

Lanjut ke permainannya, sesi permainan yang dilakukan disini dilakukan di sebuah area hutan. Dalam permainan, nantinya kamu akan mencoba untuk mengumpulkan figurin Wolverine dan setelah kamu berhasil mengumpulkan semua figurin tersebut, kamu akan membuka kostum baru untuk Wolverine (beberapa kostum yang sudah pasti ada adalah biru dan kuning, X-Force dan coklat dan kuning).

Pertarungan pertama yang akan kamu hadapi adalah Leviathan. Saat kamu bertarung dengannya, kamu harus memperhitungkan waktu untuk menyerang monster ini. Bila kamu menyerang terlalu cepat, monster tersebut akan menangkap kamu dan melukai Wolverine. Bila kamu berhasil menyerang, tapi menyerang terlalu lama, monster tersebut akan menangkap Wolvie dan membantingnya ke tanah (yang sudah pasti juga akan mengurangi health bar). Pertarungan berakhir dengan Logan mencabut kepala monster tersebut hingga lepas. Setelah dilanjutkan dengan beberapa pertarungan lagi (diakhiri dengan munculnya Sabertooth yang juga berpesta pora menghabisi musuh.)

Setelah itu, jalan cerita berlanjut ke masa tiga tahun ke depan dimana Wolverine dan seorang teman perempuannya sedang berjalan masuk ke sebuah bar. Tidak beberapa lama kemudian, Wolvie mencium bau yang rasanya ia kenal dan segera memerintah temannya itu untuk pergi dari bar tersebut. Penciuman Wolvie benar, karena tidak lama kemudian Sabertooth muncul dan mereka pun mulai bertarung habis-habisan. Saat kamu bertarung, kamu akan melihat bahwa benda-benda di sekelilingmu bisa dihancurkan. Meja, kursi dan semua yang berada di bar tersebut, bisa dihancurkan. Dengan menghancurkan barang-barang ini, kamu akan mendapatkan sesuatu yang disebut dengan Rage meter. Setelah Rage meter penuh, kamu bisa melakukan serangan spesial. Pertarungan pun berlanjut seru dan saat kamu telah mengurangi darah Sabertooth hingga titik tertentu, pertarungan berlanjut di luar bar.


Saat kamu berhasil mengalahkan Sabertooth , sebuah cutscene muncul dimana Sabertooth menghancurkan cakar Wolverine dan membuatnya pingsan. Logan pingsan dan ketika ia sadar, ia menemukan temannya telah mati dan Styker, komandannya berada di dekatnya dan menawarkan untuk memberikan adamantium lagi. Tentu saja Logan menerimanya dan Wolvie dibawa ke Weapon-X Experiment Room di Alkali Lake dimana Wolvie mendapatkan suntikan logam adamantium tersebut.

Tapi disaat sedang berada di tengah-tengah eksperimen, Logan mendengar perintah untuk membunuhnya yang keluar langsung dari mulut Styker. Mendengar perintah tersebut, ia pun bangun dan segera membangun semua musuh yang berada di bangunan tersebut. Saat pertarungan ini, kamu akan bertemu dengan prajurit tertentu yang bisa membuat dirinya tak terlihat dan sialnya lagi, semuanya bersenjatakan sepucuk shotgun. Satu-satunya cara untuk bisa membasmi prajurit ini dengan mudah adalah dengan menggunakan salah satu kemampuan Wolvie, Feral Senses (sebuah kemampuan untuk bisa melihat barang-barang yang tersembunyi).

Untungnya semua ini akan segera bisa dinikmati oleh semua gamer yang pasti sudah menunggu game ini. Menurut info, game ini akan diluncurkan pada tanggal 1 Mei 2009 dan gamer akan mendapatkan kesenangan untuk melakukan pembantaian dan mutilasi menggunakan salah satu tokoh terkenal dalam X-Men, Logan a.k.a. Wolverine.

console : NDS, PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360

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Cheat BU edisi juli

Pilih lagu : Pencet F11 ato F12
Nyalain cheat : Pencet F10
Matiin cheat : Pencet F9

Buka folder AyoDance kamu
Cari file yang namanya fmod.dll
Klik kanan ke file tadi trus Rename file tersebut menjadi fmod_.dll
Cari file yang namanya fmod.dll juga di folder Auto Party
Copy file itu ke folder AyoDance kamu
Klik 2 kali di Auto Party.exe
Selesai! Sekarang kamu bisa nikmatin cheat Beat Up ini


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Senin, 06 Juli 2009

Nice dancer 1.8

Kelebihan bisa freeze pada permainan BeatRush
Untuk user loginnya
User : t1-t200
Pass : 111
Set delaynya 50
Pemakaian tetap seperti ND sebelumnya


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Sabtu, 04 Juli 2009

Totorial Hacking Ghost Online

I've shared Ghost Online Trainer v3.5 before and now I want to share tutorial hacking Ghost Online. The tutorial will show you how to get Infinitie Shuriken, Unlimited MP and Skill Run. That's cool huh? :D
Before you read the tutors, you should to have Cheat Engine 5.5 first! So, you must download Cheat Engine 5.5 before pratice the tutors

Tutorial to get Infinitie Shuriken :
1.Open Cheat Engine (CE) 5.5
2.Scan the amount of your shuriken
3.Try to throw 1 shuriken and look the moving address
4.Move it to the address list then change the value to 1000 freze
5.Look and try to use one of your Gauntlet's skill in Ghost Online

Tutorial to get Unlimited MP, and Skill Run :
1.Open Cheat Engine 5.5
2.Log in to Ghost Online
3.Scan the amount of your MP
4.Use skill then scan the amount of your address
5.If you get 1 address, insert it to the address list
6.Right-click to the address and choose what write for this address
7.Then, a box as on the picture above will be shown up. Back to the game (Ghost Online) the use skill. Ex: chi
8.The Data will be shown up
9.On the first data choose show dissasamber
10.A box as on the picture above will be shown up again, then you must move up until find jne address
Congratulation! Now you can cheating Unlimited MP & Skill

I hope this tutorial hacking Ghost Online can help you :D Good luck guys!

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Kamis, 02 Juli 2009

Rumor : Ps3 slim dan potongan harga

Sony sebelumnya telah memberikan konfirmasi ulang bahwa PlayStation 3 tidak akan memperoleh potongan harga, namun menurut rumor terbaru yang tengah berhembus, hal tersebut akan berubah pada musim gugur ini. Tidak hanya akan mengalami pemotongan harga, bersama dengan itu akan datang pula rilis dari PS3 Slim yang kabarnya telah lama simpang-siur.

Tampak tidak ingin kalah dengan rencana Sony untuk memberikan potongan harga, suatu kabar turut menyebutkan bahwa Xbox 360 Elite juga akan memberlakukan potongan harga yang serupa pada tahun ini. Menurut sumber, Sony berencana untuk membatasi ketersediaan PS3 80GB dalam beberapa bulan mendatang, dengan menyisakan lebih banyak model 160GB di rak-rak toko. Gagasan ini dikemukakan dengan tujuan untuk meningkatkan angka penjualan dari model 160GB, membuat Sony siap untuk meluncurkan PS3 Slim pada titik harga yang lebih rendah pada musim gugur mendatang.

Sebagaimana kabar untuk Xbox 360, ada kabar yang menyebutkan bahwa Microsoft berencana untuk menjual lebih banyak persediaan Pro dengan bonus-bonus seperti melalui bundel Halo 3/Fable 2. Pada saat persediaan Pro habis, Microsoft akan melakukan penurunan harga dari model Elite 120GB ke titik yang tengah dipegang Pro pada saat ini.
Rumor-rumor di atas memang masih menyisakan adanya ketidakpastian sehubungan dengan konfirmasi yang belum resmi. Namun, apabila Sony benar-benar berencana untuk meluncurkan sebuah PS3 Slim sebelum akhir tahun ini, tentunya pengumuman besar untuk itu tidak lama lagi akan dipublikasikan. Jadi, tunggu saja perkembangan selanjutnya di VGI.

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Rabu, 01 Juli 2009

Perfect line

Program ini bisa ngebuat garis perfect di monitor
Bisa untuk ngelatih skill perfect tanpa memakai cheat. 

Sumber : http://game-pusat.blogspot.com

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